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Lone Bellow Concert

12 May

Me with Kaylene, Kent, and The Lone Bellow at Mohegan Sun

On April 28, I went to see The Lone Bellow at Mohegan Sun with my cousin Kaylene and her fiance Kent.  I have been a fan of the music of The Lone Bellow for at least a year. When I found out that they were coming to Mohegan Sun, I was quite ecstatic that I was going to witness them in concert. A warm and sunny Friday night in late April I felt was a perfect day to go to Mohegan Sun to see a favorite band of mine perform.

Kaylene and I arrived at Kent’s apartment in Middleboro in the later afternoon on Friday.  It is always great to see Kaylene and Kent, as they both share my interest in going to concerts.  On the way down to Mohegan Sun, we listened to songs by Bruce Hornsby and REM to get in the exciting feeling of going to the concert and witness the scenery of small New England towns. We arrived at the venue a little bit after 8 PM.

Kaylene, Kent, and I entered Mohegan Sun’s Wolf Den, where The Lone Bellow played. The Lone Bellow are an alternative county and folk band based in Brooklyn. During the night, The Lone Bellow played many of their signature songs, including “Teach Me to Know” and “You Never Need Nobody.” They even incorporated a cover of Loverboy’s “Working for the Weekend” into their repertoire for the evening. I had wanted to see this band for a while, so it was great to finally see them on stage.  Best of all, the show was free, as are all concerts in the Wolf Den section of Mohegan Sun.

After the show concluded, Kaylene, Kent, and I even got to meet the band members.  They were so nice and friendly to us and were happy to know that we are fans of their music.  It was great to meet an emerging band in the music world.  The Lone Bellow has a new album coming out this fall sometime, so I very much look forward to hearing their next album.