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My new poem about the May 18 All Aboard The Arc! event I’m attending

12 May

Hi everyone,

This is the new All Aboard The Arc poem. All Aboard The Arc! is a charity event on May 18 at Hynes Convention Center in Boston. It is an annual event to help raise money for supports aimed at peoples with developmental disabilities. I have also lucky to get more endorsements from the likes of Brookline native guitarist Bob Margolin, who played with Muddy Waters, Ms. Magazine cofounder Letty Cottin Pogrebin, author Thea Singer, actor and drummer for Bob Dylan in the 60s, Mickey Jones, Boston area singer-songwriter Thea Hopkins, comedian Jonathan Katz and comedienne Cathy Ladman. I hope everyone enjoys the latest poem and finds out more on charities to help raise supports and acceptance of people with developmental disabilities.


All Aboard The Arc! Anthem

Breaking down barriers

Opening up doors

Letting every individual’s opportunities soar

This is what All Aboard The Arc stands for

Changing norms that is the goal

Making sure society does not leave us out in the cold

Struggling every day to gain equal rights

Obtaining this vision through passion and might

I’m taking this journey with you

I want to be a member of your crew

I am pleased that my ideas have gained a new world view

Together we can see our dreams come true

We are here at All Aboard The Arc! on the 18th of May

Your participation helped make this a bright day

You can see individuals demonstrate their true abilities

All in part for a great charity